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Amir Jaans Kundalini workshop in Bansko, Bulgaria left me with a deep sense of gratitude and turned into an infinite source of inspiration. 
Amir's caring touch and the sense of unconditional love brought us on a  magic journey of spiritual exploration and self discovery. A true teacher with insightful approach to his students, Amir Jaan guided us through a variety of authentic yogic practices and traditional monastic disciplines that opened a whole new level of understanding and experience of the higher levels of consciousness. His diverse and deeply meditative techniques were felt like a revelation and brought a sense of deliverance and mental clarity.
Kiril L. Yordanov
Thank you for 2 amazing workshops at the Ljubljana Yoga conference. I am a teacher of KY as taught by Yogi Bhajan and I was interested to see your approach to the teachings. The effects were strong and I am forever grateful.