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Amir Jaan
Amir Jaan - Portrait

“Often times people ask me: “will doing Yoga make me a better person?” And I have to go: “no, actually it won’t.” But it will put you in the strongest possible position to keep choosing to be a good person.” – Amir Jaan

Directed, filmed and edited by Daniel Boeck
Produced by Kilian Trenkle, Moritz Haller, Daniel Boeck
Additional Footage by Hanna Pauser Lindgren 
Rejuvenate your Central Nervous System with meditation

In times of stress or high energy, finding ways of calming your central nervous system is essential for being able to stay relaxed, clear and open.

During Ängsbacka yoga festival Amir Jaan, Senior Mentor at SKY (School of Kundalini Yoga) in London, sat down one morning to share a beautiful meditation technique especially good for doing just that. The suggested times he gave was 3, 5,7,9 or 11 minutes. Enjoy!